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Skydiving Apparel® favorite quote is - “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution” - Sunshine Factory.

Skydiving Apparel® designs and sells Skydiving and other eXtreme Sports T-Shirts and Clothing. Sick of all the same stuff coming from all the mainstream labels? Well make your choice that is why we are here and why we remain underground. If you don't like what you see then let us know why and if you do we'll drink to that! All of our t-shirts are designed and printed in USA. We travel around the world attending extreme events and the not so extreme events looking for new ideas and concepts to bring to you the very best kick ass extreme sports t-shirt designs that we can come up with. @ Skydiving Apparel® we offer you an alternative so that you don't have to buy the same old boring stuff from the major t-shirt labels were everybody looks & smells the same. Cool gear for your body at home on the job with the misses, or out drinking beer with your mates, all Skydiving Apparel®  Skydiving t-shirts come with unique independent designs from eXtreme 120+™, SkydiveBikini™, SkydiveCity™, NASA Apparel™, Strizhov™, Kamilina™ and more, so you'll be the pimp of the party. Check it out!

At eXtreme 120+ Skydiving Apparel we have all Premium Cotton and Ring-spun Cotton t-shirts in stock, and for others like Poly-Cotton we use a print-on-demand technique, therefore it may take a couple of days longer to complete the order which is printed on demand. In either case we provide one of the best quality t-shirts. @ eXtreme 120+ Skydiving Apparel are also looking for the investors to help us to print our T-Shirts in large quantities, which would significantly reduce the costs of t-shirts, therefore if interested then get in touch with us and we will talk. We will keep you updated, so stay tuned. Skydiving Apparel, T-Shirts & Hoodies, Premium Cotton, Ring-spun Cotton, Poly-Cotton or Hi-Tech Polyester, your choice of superior performance and breathability. eXtreme 120+ Skydiving Women's Dresses, Sublimation Cut & Sew Dresses. Make a statement and look fabulous in this all-over printed, fitted dress. Ladies' T-Shirts in all different colors, please select the design and then pick your preferable t-shirt color: available in White, Black, Smoke, Heather Dark Grey, Navy, Storm Grey, Heather Blue, Heather Grey, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Heather Green, Silver, Spring Yellow, Caribbean Blue, Independence Red, CharityPink, Hot Pink and Red. Ladies' Hi-Performance T-Shirts, Premium Cotton, Ring-spun Cotton or Poly-Cotton, your choice of superior performance and breathability. A "must-have” in every woman's wardrobe: Sexy tanks with generously cut arm openings and a slim racerback in our ultra soft Tri-Blend fabric, or Soft and modern tri-blend racerback tank-tops that stands out. Ladies' Tanks in all different colors, please select the design and then pick up your preferable color: available in White, Black, Navy, Green Apple, Heather Grey, Caribbean Blue, Independence Red and Hot Pink. A crop top is a summer trendy "must-have": Super soft crop tops for ladies with edgy style, or the season's trendiest garment - the crop top with tight-fitting which hits just above the navel. Light, soft and classic long sleeve T-shirt that will provide comfort on a cool evening. Light, soft and classic long sleeve T-shirt that will provide comfort on a cool evening. Soft comfortable sweatshirts. Perfect for cooler evenings. Available in different colors, please select the design and then pick your preferable color: White, Black, Navy, Grey, Red, Green, Dark Chocolate, Indigo Blue, or Maroon. Our soft comfortable hoodie sweatshirts are the perfect fit to warm up team spirit. The PURE-tech™ Hoodie delivers the high performance capabilities expected from today’s high-tech poly-performance fibers. This garment is stain, odor, & microbial resistant. eXtreme 120+ Skydiving Apparel Available in different colors, please select the design and then pick your preferable color: White, Black, Navy, Grey, Red, Green, Dark Chocolate, Indigo Blue, or Maroon. Skydiving, Skydive, Skydiving t-shirts, Skydive t-shirt, Skydive t-shirts, Skydiving tees, Skydiving t shirt, Skydiving t shirts, skydiving t-shirt, skydiving t-shirts, Skydive tees, Skydive t shirt, Skydive t shirts, , Extreme tees, Extreme t shirt, Extreme t shirts, Extreme t-shirt, Extreme t-shirts, Extreme T-shirts, eXtreme 120 Plus Sports T-Shirts & Apparel, SKYDIVING, ADRENALINE, BUDGEE JUMPING, HAND GLIDING, MOUNTAIN BIKING, MOTO CROSS, ROCK CLIMBING, SCUBA DIVING, SNOW SKIING, SNOW BOARDING, STORM CHASING, WATER SKIING, Kitesurfing tees, Kitesurfing t shirt, Kitesurfing t shirts, Kitesurfing t-shirt, Kitesurfing t-shirts, Windsurfing tees, Windsurfing t shirt, Windsurfing t shirts, Windsurfing t-shirt, Windsurfing t-shirts, xtreme tees, xtreme t shirt, xtreme t shirts, xtreme t-shirt, xtreme t-shirts, Board sports , Snowboarding, Sandboarding, Windsurf, Kitesurfing, Riverboarding, River surfing, Surfing, Flowboarding, Skysurfing, Skateboard, Mountainboard, Snowskate, Wakeboarding, Motor sports, Motocross, Snocross, Rallying, Motorcycle rally, Mountaineering, Ice climbing, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Canyoning, Free solo climbing, Free-fall, Paragliding, Parachuting, Bungee jumping, Wingsuit flying, Hang gliding, Mountain biking, BMX, Inline skating, eXtreme 120+ Skydiving Apparel